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BigRedHosting, owned by Central Station Internet Services Corp., is located in Long Beach, New York. Our servers are located in Texas at two of the best server facilities in the world.

Founded on the principals of sparing no expenses for server technology and providing superior customer support, BigRedHosting fills a huge gap in web hosting quality that has plagued websites around the world.

The majority of web hosting providers prefer to increase their profit margins by purchasing low quality server hardware and cramming as many clients possible onto a single server - causing downtime, slow loading speeds, and an overall bad experience. BigRedHosting takes the opposite approach while maintaining competitive pricing and higher service standards than our sub-par competitors.

At BigRedHosting, we are forever focused on continually finding the latest new ways to make our servers perform better and be more secure, while also bringing forth new offerings which will enhance user experience ... and hopefully make it fun to host a website, as it should be.


Our Business Philosophy

The philosophy feeding our growth is simple. BigRedHosting spends the extra money on server hardware and technology, which increases the reliability of our hosting operations - allowing us to focus on supporting our clients. In addition to having better servers and support, we maintain competitive pricing in-line with the leaders of the hosting industry without cramming as many clients possible into one server.

Our philosophy prevents us from ever recording "huge profit margins" - but we don't care! Our customers remain happy, the servers have a much longer lifespan and our customers have space to grow without interruption on BigRedHosting servers.

We know that good businesses are destined to grow, and BigRedHosting plans to do just that - one server at a time.



Michael Kleinert, President & CEO
BigRedHosting.com, a division of Central Station Internet Services Corp.



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